Bisexual: Anwar Stutter, Scared To Sue Nallakaruppan

Anwar Ibrahim's tennis buddy, Nallakaruppan once again dropped his bomb straight to Anwar's head.

Nalla said, Anwar as a bisexual, does not fit to become a Prime Minister. A fiery statement but it is not the first time for Anwar.

Kuala Lumpur, March 19 - Malaysia United Indian Party (MIUP) President, Dato' Nallakaruppan is not scared if the Opposition leader might take the decision to sue him due to his statement.
He seemed convinced when he mentioned that Anwar is a bisexual after knowing him for more than 30 years.
Nallakaruppan also said that he knows the Opposition leader well that he is 99.9 percent convinced that the man in the sex clip was indeed Anwar Ibrahim. - Klpos, March 19, 2012 -

Being friends for 30 year is something that is long period of time. They were both there during the ups and downs of the political world.

Nalla would always be right beside Anwar. When Anwar needed his 'sexual release', Nalla would get him his 'stocks' no matter day or night, regular days or even during the fasting month.

The bomb that was released by Nalla this time around did not just stun Anuar, it might make affect Anwar's friend from Pas as well.

"There are nothing in the Constitution that allows bisexuals to be the Prime Minister as well as an Opposition Leader. I am confused on why would the opposition take a bisexual as a leader" - Nallakaruppan.

- Utusan Malaysia, March 20, 2012 -

Neither Anwar nor his family members dare to say anything or even take civil actions against Nalla on everything that he had revealed.

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