PAS And Jew: Relationship With Zionis Is Haram, Israel Is Halal

After Anwar Ibrahim, Pakatan Rakyat's Prime Minister candidate stated that he 'supports the efforts in protecting Israel', Tuan Guru Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang then made a statement, "All Muslims could work and do their business with Jews that do not practice Zionist.'

And later, PAS's Youth Chief, Nasrudin Hassan said, "Jews are haram and that even a small business deal with them actually creates bullets that would penetrate through the hearts of all Muslim Palestinians".

But, only later, Nasruddin denied his own statement and said that the statement was only taken halfway by Sinar Harian. He also 'corrected' what was reported by Sinar Harian with arguments that goes in line with Hadi's statement where it is not wrong to make deals with Jews that do not hate Muslims and provided examples of how Rasulullah S.A.W made business deals with Jews.

Hadi and Nasrudin could twist all they want.

But they cannot twist history. We can never forget how they labelled the government as Zionist and Tun Dr. Mahathir as the Pharaoh when Israel's bananas were taken in from Singapore in year 2000. Isn't this business dealings with the Jews that do not hate us? Why was it haram back then? And why is it halal now?

And we can never forget with the drama of PAS and PKR when they went crazy over the fact when BN used the service of a company that was said to have connections with the Jews, which is APCO that they even labelled 1Malaysia as 1Israel. Although they have been informed that APCO does not belong to the Jews and Malaysia has never made any relationship with Israel, but PAS and PKR kept on jumping around the Parliament and the streets arguing that not all Jews are Zionists.

Looks like PAS really hates the Jews that every single foreign Jews are labelled by PAS as Zionists.

Even Jew cricket players can be referred to as Zionists and that people could not even communicate or watch them play as they would be labeled as 'rats of the Zionists' by PAS. In short, Jews, Zionist and Israel have never been in their dictionary.

And who inflenced kids in Universiti Malaya to perform demos to boycott KFC and McDonalds as if both the businesses are connected to the Jews? Did they die for fighting the Jews or they were fighting for PAS's fatwa?

When the fact is, has there been any proof that both KFC and McDonalds provide funds to the Zionist? No.

But today, we have a strong and clear evidence that Anwar Ibrahim, 'supports the efforts in protecting Israel'. The keyword here would be 'Israel'.

With that keyword, PAS can go around saying that doing business with the Jews are not haram as long as they are not Zionists, but PAS can never deny that Anwar supports to protect Israel. In other words, Anwar recognizes Israel.

PAS also cannot deny that as long as they are in Pakatan Rakyat, they officially accepts Anwar as the Opposition Leader, their leader. And as their leader, PAS should follow every orders and things that Anwar stands for including the issue of Israel.

The conclusion is, whether the Jews are Zionists are not, that is not really the issue.

The issue that remains is the question of whether PAS would remain with Anwar although Anwar clearly supports Israel.
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