Oppositions Under Pressure With Young Voters Minds Who Want The Truth

Under pressure and pushed to a corner, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim said there was no evidence that the Sultan of Selangor had been invited to attend Merdeka celebration at state level during BN’s rule.

He said his office could not find any letter invited the Ruler to officially attend the celebration every year.

The act goes to show that Khalid has not read newspapers nor watched TV where the parade passed the stage with salutations where the Sultan stood with the rest of state dignitaries.

That’s what the oppositions are like when they fumbled on something, in fact they fumbled on most things official, especially when these involved the state Rulers.

Khalid cannot claim ignorance over this important event nor blamed state civil service because he should be on top of things in the state.

So Khalid’s excuses or reasons should not be accepted and voters in Selangor are watching closely on the relationship between Khalid and the Sultan as well as the unfulfilled promises.

Khalid and PR state leaders are in a fixed – cornered by their own doings – could not fulfill the promises made in the campaign for the 2008 general election.

Now profusely and in haste, Khalid points to weaknesses and alleging BN’s been wrong in so many things…which until today have yet to have any evidence to show.

For Khalid, not coming out with the white paper on Talam Corporation’s deal is not wrong and letting the taps run dry in several parts of Selangor is not wrong.

He and PR leaders in Selangor forgot that every eye is watching and these eyes know what is right or wrong and who is right or wrong.

The opposition parties under the unregistered Pakatan Rakyat (PR) banner have been hammering to the minds of Malaysians at large and the 13-odd million voters that the coming 13th general election will be a tense election.

They kept pumping into the heads of voters that the ruling BN is going to lose and they kept harping on all the alleged weaknesses the BN purportedly possess thus BN should be dumped in the coming general election.

But one thing the leaders of all the opposition parties forgot is that the daily events that reflect their wrong doings are being registered and replayed in the minds of voters who are now matured and wise.

Even new young voters know what is happening as the cyber world has them involved in everything and teaches their minds on the truth and false, right and wrong, fake and genuine.

Thus, twisting facts as done by the opposition portals seem only to favour their own supporters but not really the fence-sitters or new young voters who do not judge things on the surface value. - GPRS-Online
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