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Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan Palestin di bawah Biro Kebajikan UMNO Malaysia berlepas dari Ibu Negara awal pagi ini bagi merealitikan usaha menyalurkan bantuan kepada penduduk Palestin yang menjadi mangsa kezaliman Israel.

Sehubungan itu, Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan mengucapkan selamat pergi, selamat berada di sana dan selamat kembali kepada anggota rombongan yang diketuai oleh Pengerusi Biro Kebajikan UMNO, Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

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  1. Anonymous
    7:08 PM


    请远离马华党员 叶金福!


    现在世界各先进国都盡力保存佛教的文化和保护佛教的僧侶,但马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak Chairman) 却反其道而行, 帶一般流垊到佛教埾地(SAMNAK SAMBODHI THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, NO: 19 JALAN 38 TAMAN DESA JAYA KEPONG 52100 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA)試圄摧毁佛教文化, 挑衅和打架, 并电招警方人員要扣留佛寺沙彌, 这种不按佛教條规, 軽视佛教精神的行动, 对世界佛教信徒实有侮辱之举, 的确令人不敢恭维.

    除此之马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak)也利用杖势, 連众人朝拜的印度廟TAMAN DAYA, KEPONG, KUALA LUMPUR 放火燒毁把土地佔为已有, 马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak Chairman)这种冒犯宗教的不良行为, 已引起廣大的大马人民愤怒而不满, 所以, 在耒屇的大选, 希望马华公会的中央领神, 能深明大義, 对此娄党员, 最好疏薳距离, 以免影响选票, 造成马华公会大大的败北, 遗恨江山此致, 并祝安康, 工作快乐.

  2. Anonymous
    4:12 AM

    Kebanyakan penipu atau YIP KUM FOOK (LAWYER) yang suka menipu berulang kali mempunyai persamaan. Mereka takut akan komitmen dan tidak dapat membina kepercayaan apabila hilang. Mereka kadang-kadang merasa bergerak dengan siapa mereka menipu akan menjadikan semuanya lebih mudah. Tidak mengapa memaafkan pasangan anda kerana perselingkuhan

  3. Anonymous
    8:30 AM

    Myanmar devotees say about the committee members of SAMNAK SAMBODHI (YIP KUM FOOK as president) are very stupid and have no Buddhist teachings at all, because they do not know how to manage the Temple

    The temple committee is waiting for donations from the devotees only, they don't know anything, the Myanmar devotees also said and were very sad when it happened like in a Buddhist temple, added that we monks lived there like cows because last time we were a monk (VEN. U NANDIYA) living there, the president YIP KUM FOOK took his donation of about RM20,000.00

    Myanmar devotees said about the committees in front of our monks, looked like a kind person and they were some very good committees but behind the ghost idea, we monks were very scared but we monks came to Malaysia for training only, our monks don’t care what the committees did.

    We are Malaysians and we know about YIP KUM FOOK well because this YIP KUM FOOK is a big ghost in Malaysia, this YIP KUM FOOK can do everything to get money, he is not shy and does not listen to people’s gossip, but one day he will taste what he ate

    If anyone likes to know and understand about YIP KUM FOOK, please go research on GOOGLE, thank you very much

    Sharing by Ong, Kuala Lumpur

  4. Anonymous
    9:53 AM

    The last time YIP KUM FOOK set fire to a Hindu temple in Taman Daya, Hindus kept quiet after he and his group and two policemen came to harass a Buddhist monk at the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, now the news is getting slower people are listening, and many people are not satisfied with what he did before

    In Buddhist rule, anyone who disturbs and makes sangha broken, that people will fall into hell when they alive as like Devadatta, who tried to kill Buddha but was unsuccessful, YIP KUM FOOK this should care, now karma will be active anytime.

    Everyone has to be careful and live from him because YIP KUM FOOK is a very dirty mind and he is a lawyer but doesn't know whether he is or not, he is a lawyer because he is in the furniture business, so(how) he can study law, the laws have to study for 6 years.

    Sharing by:
    Wat Thai Mon - Kulim Cai Bo Hin Kulim Temple
    Forward by Sammaditthi Meditation Grove….. Sungai Petani, Kedah

  5. Anonymous
    4:48 PM

    After about a year, Tunku realised that he was making very little progress in his studies. After a meeting with Mr. Ezekiel, his guardian, in the office of the Crown Agents, Ezekiel arranged for Tunku to move to Cambridge and to be taught by and live with Basil Atkinson. Atkinson was an experienced tutor and he also prepared Tunku to sit in a university entrance examination known as " Little Go". The following year, he took the entrance exams and he obtained high marks for all his papers with a Pass for the whole examination. He was accepted as an undergraduate at St Catharine's College, one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge, and graduated with a bachelor's degree of Arts in Law and History in 1925.

    Five years after sailing from Singapore, at the age of 23, he sailed home. The Crown agents secured Tunku a berth in a passenger ship, which stopped at Penang. Tunku Ibrahim, the Regent, and his eldest brother was unhappy with Tunku's choice of degrees and he ordered Tunku to return to England to be admitted to the English Bar. On Tunku's initiative, the Malay Society of Great Britain was formed, with Tuanku Abdul Rahman of Negeri Sembilan (later the 1st Yang Di-Pertuan Agong) as president and Tunku Abdul Rahman of Kedah as Honorary Secretary and the driving force.

    Datuk YIP KUM FOOK is also a lawyer but he has a different lifestyle, we have many lawyer friends, and they are very kind and compassionate people, this YIP KUM FOOK (lawyer) to suck people's money only

    Many people don’t know about YIP KUM FOOK where, or at which university did he get a degree in law? we are too suspicious of him because he is cheating people everywhere and please be careful with him

    Sharing by Lai, Kepong Hulu

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